EUMETSAT provides data, products and support services to the Copernicus information services and user communities, with a focus on marine, atmosphere and climate.

And we are responsible for operating the Sentinel-3 satellites, with ESA support, and delivering the marine data and will also operate and deliver products from the Sentinel-4, and Sentinel-5 instruments, and the Sentinel-6 satellites.

We are already seeing the first benefits for ocean monitoring with the new releases of Sentinel-3 data, the latest coming from its Synthetic Aperture Radar Altimeter (SRAL) earlier this week, helping Meteorological Institutes and ocean modellers to improve the determination and prediction of ocean currents, significant wave height and wind speed.

The next Sentinel-3 releases are planned for early 2017.

For more details about EUMETSAT and Copernicus see here.

For access to online Sentinel-3 data click here.


Posted by Mara Dambour

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  1. Interesting video on the EUMETSAT programme, has been really usefull for Meteorological Satellites research, i enjoyed it, thanks for posting.


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