The world we live in requires us to have our eyes open at all times – and well-focused on Earth – so that we can leave the best possible planet for the future generations. A great part of that includes raising awareness for those future generations on what can be done to preserve our natural resources and the overall environment.

For this reason, as part of its “Copernicus Earth Observation” Programme, EASME and the European Commission have launched the Eyes on Earth’ Roadshow – a series of five events across the EU bringing space and Earth observation closer to EU citizens; and raising awareness of the skills and job opportunities in the geospatial industry.

The first of such Roadshows will take place at our headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, on 12-13 June.

A Copernicus aerial shot of Darmstadt

During two exciting and eventful days, more than 200 visitors will take part in the Roadshow activities, ranging from game-like experiences at the Expo area, the Masterclasses/training opportunities on air quality, energy, climate, agriculture – just to name a few –, to the policy sessions on current achievements of the EU Copernicus Programme. As to encourage young people’s interest in and possible pursuit of a career in geospatial observation, university students and young professionals will also get to meet with experts in Copernicus related-areas in a fruitful networking session.

All in all, participants of all ages will get a first-hand experience of geospatial observation and its possibilities.

Sessions will be led by international experts on Earth observation.

Our building in Darmstadt, where the first Eyes on Earth Roadshow will take place

Participation in all Roadshows is free of charge.  Be sure to register here. The programme for the Darmstadt Roadshow as well as the dates of the future events are available on the Copernicus website.


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