Remember our Atmosphere MOOCĀ that was organised with the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) at the end of last year?

The course ran over five weeks, providing a comprehensive overview of atmospheric monitoringšŸŒ, the latest space technologies and networks of sensors/instruments used to understand air quality and much morešŸ›°ļøšŸ“”.

The MOOC closed on 17 February but we decided to make all of the course materials available to everybody and indefinitely on a standalone website.

This new website follows the same structure as the five-week course, overall covering these themes:

  • Threats to the atmosphere and why monitoring matters
  • How data from space and ground-based monitoring networks are used by CAMS
  • Air quality and pollution types
  • Satellite monitoring and what we measure

You can now access all of these educational materials and learn more about Copernicus, its services and what its role is in terms of atmospheric monitoring.


And in case you’re more into oceans, we also have all the materials fromĀ the 2016 Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) ā€œOceans from Spaceā€ MOOC available on this website.

Please note: as this course is no longer active, certifications cannot be provided.

We hope you enjoy this free course and would be happy to hear any feedback or questions you might have!

Posted by Mara Dambour

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